Thursday, February 21, 2013

6-month chest CT "all Clear"

I had my 6-month follow-up scans this morning (chest-only CT) and my Orthopedic Oncologist (Dr. David Monson) just gave me the "all clear".  Yeah!

I'll be back on August 21 for the full Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis CT (i.e., the one where I have to drinks that 'awesome' contrast).

Oh, and Happy Birthday Holly!  :)


Karl said...

Great to hear! and Happy Birthday, Holly!

Ellen said...

Hi, Dave. I randomly found you because I decided to click "next blog" on my Blogger tab bar. Congrats on your all clear! I don't know you, but reading this gave me a lift on a night when I needed it.

Papa Smurf said...

Hey Dave... you have become my inspiration. I just got diagnosed with myxoid high grade in my left thigh also. Its huge.. 18cm long. They also found a small mass in my lungs.. initially they said they would just monitor and all i need is localized radiation but now I"m seeing a medical oncologist for chemo treatments possibly. I will know thursday. I appreciate hearing your successes and hope I can share in the same success that you have had. If you can offer any piece of advice before I start it be greatly appreciated. I am newly married December 1, 2012 and don't want to make my new wife a widow.