Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Cut Above

Yes, the time has finally come to get a new scar “tattooed” to my body.  At high-noon today, I will go in for that lipoma surgery that I mentioned in previous posts.  And this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill, dime-sized lipoma either (I have several of those); this one is much bigger and buried deep within my right armpit.  The main reason it’s coming out is because the location makes it difficult to monitor and we don’t want it to grow unchecked and become a problem.

I’m not really expecting this to be a big deal or anything, but I do think this is gonna hurt!  I just remember the pain that Holly was in after she had her right axillary node dissection (15 months ago) and I think this operation will be very similar.  I’m just glad I’m in the capable hands of Dr. Monson, who did such spectacular work on my leg 15 months ago.  Don’t know if I’m going to need any drains yet for this procedure (I’m hoping I won’t).  The surgery itself will be taking place at the Emory Spine Center (Executive Park) on an outpatient basis.

Once this is behind me, the exciting thing is that Holly and I will now have matching scars under our right armpits!  Now how cool is that?!?  I know that some couples like to get tattoos and all, but we (apparently) do things a little more “out of the ordinary”.  And trust me, the experience we’ve been through is just as permanently etched into our bodies, hearts, and minds as any real tattoo.  I’d say we’re a match made in Heaven!

Well, here’s to careful cutting, a speedy recovering, and a scar that’s just slightly bigger than Holly’s (for bragging rights, of course)!   J

Recent CT-Scan.  The area circled in red is the Lipoma that will be removed today.


Bridget said...

You are a great writer Dave. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. It has been an inspiration in every sense of the word. Good luck today. -Bridget :-)

Ema said...

You have an incredible attitude towards these challenges! You help the rest of us who are on this path with you, by your courage and honesty. I will send good healing thoughts out to you (and your family) today and everyday.