Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New poll of sorts. Let your voice be heard!

You may have missed this comment from an older post, but my friend and former colleague Chuck posted a comment back on my R.I.P. Hair post pertaining to future hair styles I should try. Here’s his post with links to the poll:

Okay, Dave, in the interest of keeping you focused on your recovery, I've charged myself with helping you select your next hairstyle. Check out the options I'm proposing; I've also started a poll. Let me know if there are any particular hairstyles you'd like me to prototype.
So just be sure to click on started a poll to actually cast your vote. Missing from the poll is the option to stick with the “doo rag” head look. I’ve been told it’s a good look for me and it keeps me cooler than that old fur coat I was wearing on my head. Just vote for the option you like best!

Thanks for your participation!


Chuck said...

I've added the do-rag to the poll, which I termed the "Axl Rose". So although that's now an explicit option, people really seem to gravitate toward the mullet. I have to say the mullet is by far the best, although I like the Shag too.

perry1000 said...

The loudest most sincere laugh I've had today was when I went to this site to see your possible hairdos!! The entire blog is uplifting to your friends and family...thanks for keeping it so up to date! Good luck this week!

~ Pam Perry