Sunday, August 3, 2008

R.I.P. Hair

The death sentence for my hair was carried out yesterday at approximately 1:35 PM EST. As expected, there was no last minute call from either the Doctor or the Governor to offer a stay of execution or even leniency (such as just a trim). No mourners were present, though an unnamed female member of the family expressed joy that the gradual shedding she's had to vacuum up the past 10 years had finally come to an end. The hair was then buried unceremoniously along with the rest of the clippings for the day.

The end result? Well, perhaps I don’t look quite as handsome as either Michael or Buddy, but it’s better than I had feared. Check out these pictures:

Wayne (my barber of 20 years) played the role of executioner. This picture was taken just minutes before the behairing. :)

Wayne and me (bald head intentionally covered up)

That's me trying to look happy about my sudden full baldness. Had to use "doo rag" coverup today in public.

OK -- here's the picture you've really been wanting to see: my totally exposed, bare head.

Better, stronger, curly?
It is perhaps worth a mention that Wayne has confirmed that chemo has indeed improved the hair of several of his clients, making it thicker and a bit wavy. I just hope it works out that way for me too! Having better hair just might make the chemo worthwhile (though this is the voice of inexperience speaking).

Chemo on Monday?
Though I am scheduled to come see the Doctor tomorrow morning to go over the results of my Labs and MRIs, concluding with my “official” orders for hospitalization and chemo, I cannot say for certain that I will be starting my chemo on Monday. It could be Tuesday or Wednesday. But I’ll come packed and prepared to stay and be ready for whatever the Doctor orders.


Chuck said...

Here's hoping that it comes back not only curly, but also red. Think big.

Good luck tomorrow. Today.

Chuck said...

Hey, is Wayne the guy from Hairport? Did he give you that perm I've heard stories about?

Diane Cross said...

Actually, you don't look half bad with the "doo rag." I'll take you to get a tatoo and piercing this week if you want, on me! You can sport a whole new look for a couple of months! See you this afternoon or tomorrow. Love you!

Vance said...

It seems bald is becoming more popular even for non-chemo patients. Two of my good friends at church both chose to shave their heads with no thoughts of going back. They were slowly losing their hair anyway.

We will be praying that the chemo is successful and not too hard on you.

Bridget said...

Tatoo & body piercing. Now this is getting real interesting.

I'll be tuned in!

Nanette said...

Looking Good, Dave!

Seriously...I really like this look on you! I think it works much better than you think it does!

Best of luck at the hospital today and know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

Becky V said...

Dave, you look great, with the doo rag and without. Bald is in they say. We are praying for you. I love the fact that although you are the one who is ill yet you are making me laugh with your posts. Good-luck with your first chemo treatment and keep up the positive attitude. They say a positive attitude has a big impact.

Dave Novak said...

Thanks everyone -- it really does look better than I had expected, but not quite as nice as the perm (yes a perm) that I had about 23 years ago. That pre-dated Wayne.


Meg G said...

We miss you guys! Your boys are so big now! I love the pictures. :-)

Praying for you all,
Meg and Joe G.

Chuck said...

Okay, Dave, in the interest of keeping you focused on your recovery, I've charged myself with helping you select your next hairstyle. Check out the options I'm proposing; I've also started a poll. Let me know if there are any particular hairstyles you'd like me to prototype.

Chuck said...

By popular demand, I've added the Do-Rag (or as I call it, the "Axl Rose") to the poll. But so far, the people seem to be gravitating toward the Mullet. I gotta say, it looks pretty darn good.