Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Scans . . . August Memories

Just a quick update to say that my 6-month CAP CT-scans were all clear. Yeah! Next scan will be chest CT only on February 21, 2013, which happens to be Holly's birthday (so it has to be good news, right?).

It's hard to believe that just over 4 years ago (on August 4, 2008) I started my first chemotherapy. Seems like forever ago . . . and almost like a different person. Did that really happen to me?!? I kid you not, I often have to read old posts just to remember 'Yeah, that really did happen!' I guess a significant part of me just doesn't even care to remember. And that's fine, because life goes on . . . and normalcy is a good thing. :)

And speaking of August 4, it was that date 3 years ago that Holly had her last chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She's doing just fine now, thankfully.

Next update in another 6 months!

All the best,