Friday, November 12, 2010

Quarterly scans (from yesterday) "all clear"

Just a chest CT-scan this time, and it was clear.  Yeah!  In 3 months (Feb 15), I go back for a Chest-Abdomen-Pelvis CT-Scan (you know, the one where I have to drink that flavored oral contrast).  Mmm-mmm -- I do love my "mochachino" in the morning!

The really good news is that I'll be hitting my 2-year NED anniversary in March, and starting then, my scan schedule will change to every 4 months.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  I'll talk to you in another 3 months!


christopher said...

hi my name is chris i'm from ohio.I was reading your post and i see that you had the same cancer that i have.. I was diagnosed with high grade round cell liposarcoma may 11th 2010.I just finished chemo about three weeks ago and i'm now going to have surgery on my lower left leg to remove the rest and them i believe 12 weeks radiation. I have been sick the whole time and it seems to be getting worse. I have chest pain daily and bloody stool. I'm am glad though to here that your doing fine and hope all stays that way. have a great day.. chris

Syreous <^> said...
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Syreous <^> said...

Hello Dave, sorry to so rude and straight forward but I too was diagnosed w myxoid liposarcoma in April of 2008 stage 4, mine in the right calf. Until this past new years eve everything has been fine, then my scans showed metastases to the lungs. I have not read through all of your posts but was wondering if you have any information that may be of use. I am scheduled to see a thoracic surgeon on the 12th and my research time is limited. Any assistance is appreciated.