Tuesday, July 20, 2010

International Sarcoma Awareness Week

My apologies for being a little late with this announcement, but July 17 – 25 is International Sarcoma Awareness Week.  Across the country and around the world, this event is being promoted/celebrated by dozens of organizations, each hosting their own unique event, all for the purpose of raising the level of sarcoma awareness.  There may even be an event in your area (see http://www.team-sarcoma.net/2010-teams for all of the details).  And if you’re unable to attend such an event, there’s a "Sarcoma Knows No Borders" Facebook Event going on now that’s open to participation in many different ways.  Spreading the word about this forgotten cancer is what it’s all about.

Locally (here in the Atlanta area), the Southeastern Sarcoma Foundation is sponsoring a Walk for Sarcoma Awareness event this coming Saturday at the Meadow in Piedmont park.  Last year’s event was awesome and I expect to have a great time again this year.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

Oh, and one last thing: I forgot about my anniversary!  But after 22 years of marriage, Holly is neither upset nor surprised.  Why not?  Well, the “anniversary” of which I speak was my date-of-diagnosis anniversary (July 15, 2008), not my wedding anniversary.  I suppose that makes me a 2-year survivor of Liposarcoma (that’s apparently the way most doctors count it).  My apologies if I don’t sound too excited about that, it’s just that:
  1. My date-of-diagnosis was not a very “fun” day in my life (memorable yes, fun no)
  2. I personally prefer to measure survivorship from the date I was NED (No Evidence of Disease), which is March 18, 2009.  For me, that’s my big anniversary.  J
I challenge all of my readers (both of you!) to find a way to participate in International Sarcoma Awareness Week.  If you’re a Facebook user, please see the event mentioned above and decide on a way that you can participate.


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