Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little off the top, please

All indications are that the surgery was a complete success!  So far, my pain is quite manageable, though I suspect it will likely go up a few notches by tomorrow.  My marching orders (post-op) are:
  1. Take the dressing off after 3 days.
  2. Follow-up with the doctor on Friday, July 9.
  3. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment in the next 24 hours.
  4. No alcohol for the next 24 hours.
I’m good with most all of these instructions, though I did make it clear “no promises” regarding the 24-hour moratorium on alcohol.  J  The Lipoma itself was approximately 4cm x 6cm and I'm told that the pathology results should be available within 7 - 10 days (though nobody is really expecting this to be anything other than Lipoma, which is benign).

Prior to the surgery, I got a little bit nervous when Dr. Monson mentioned, “Yeah, that thing’s in there really deep.  Removing that huge Liposarcoma on your leg was easy given where it was at; this will be a bit more complicated.”  Moments later, the Anesthesiologist followed up with the comment, “Wow – that really is an unusual location.  Surgery there can really be painful.”  All I can say is I’m just glad that I’m the kind of guy that really likes to hear people tell it to me straight!  Otherwise, a “panic attack” might have been in order.

Seriously though, this medical team is incredible!  I’ve got one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the southeast operating on me, awesome nurses, and an Anesthesiologist (named Heather) who really listened to my history of getting sick after surgery.  She described this as PONV (Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting) and told me she had it covered.  And sure enough, for the first time I didn’t get sick following surgery!  Yeah!

I’ve rented 2 movies and plan to start watching them as soon as I get something to eat.  Plus I plan on playing with my new iPhone 4, which was delivered today (perfect timing I might add).  I'm such a technogeek!

Thanks to all for your support, comments, emails, etc.  You-all are awesome!

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HiFi Collector said...

You rock, Dave; that's all there is to it. Here's to a speedy recovery.