Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quarterly scans "look good"

Wow -- what a long day. I had to chug a bottle of that barium “Berry Smoothie” stuff late last night and then another one this morning (in place of my regular coffee and bagel). This was necessary for my quarterly Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis (CAP) CT Scan. I also had an MRI of my left thigh.

But the good news is that Dr. Monson (my Orthopedic Oncologist) reviewed both sets of films and says they “look good” to him. The official radiology report should be back by end of week, though I trust the result will be the same. Just keep that good news coming and I’ll drink a bottle of the barium “Berry Smoothie” every week if it helped! I just can’t figure out how I managed to ever stomach that stuff when I was going through chemo. I was very fortunate I suppose to keep it down.

Later in the afternoon I drove downtown for routine labs and my quarterly appointment with Dr. D’Amato (my Oncologist). I’m just glad that this isn’t more frequent than quarterly as these scans and appointments took literally all day. But it’s done now and the results were all good.

And speaking of good news, I wanted to mention that my wife Holly finished up her 6th and final round of chemo last Tuesday. In fact, she’s out tonight with several of her "church friends" having a “no more chemo party” (or so she tells me). I’m so happy for her and glad that she never had any serious complications (not to say that it was “easy” for her either). Like I told her when she headed into round #1, she will be amazed at how quickly the 6 rounds will go. Sure, it may seem to drag on while you’re in the middle, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly the last round comes and what a minor blip on the radar it feels like in retrospect. My chemo days seem very small to me now (almost a repressed memory), but that’s fine by me since I’d rather remember all of the good times instead!