Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on scans

Mmmm . . . berry smoothie (flavored barium sulfate). It goes down smooth and easy (aside from the tingling sensation I feel in my throat). Unfortunately, it doesn't "agree" with me. Tomorrow morning I'm switching back to coffee!

Well, I at least have some preliminary results for my CT Stan. Dr. D'Amato looked at the scans and said they "looked good". Of course the official radiology report could say otherwise, but usually D'Amato and Monson are accurate with their readings. There are a couple of "spots" they are keeping an eye on (one on the liver and one on the chest), but these have not changed in over 9 months, so the docs have not been concerned.

Well, this should be one less thing to think about while on vacation next week. I can't wait to do something fun!


empy said...

It's so good to hear good news. :-)

Elsa D. said...

... and they dar to call it berry smoothie!
I also have a liposarcoma, I know your battle to well.
Take care