Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you ready for some good news?!?

I know that my family sure could use some . . . and this afternoon that good news finally came. I got a call this afternoon from Dr. Monson’s PA to say that “we got it all!” Yes, the pathology came back today and I indeed have negative margins and the high kill rate everyone was praying for. I was told that the kill rate was determined to be 95%, which I was informed is a very high percentage. Yeah! I couldn’t be happier (at least not without taking a few more Percocet)!

This means that my treatment is essentially over (all but the healing) and that I will now shift from active treatment into close monitoring. Yes, I will need full CT Scans and thigh MRIs every 3 months for the next 2 years, but the chemo, radiation, and surgery should all be over (forever, in fact, if I they find no recurrence). I for one can’t wait to put this all behind me.

As to my recovery from surgery last Wednesday, my pain seems to be fairly well under control, though my drains are still in. Once the drains slow down sufficiently, the doctor will remove them (likely Wednesday or Thursday). My only concern at this time is that my leg has noticeably stiffened over the past few days. As of last Friday, I could bend my leg 90 degrees without any problem; today, I can hardly bend it even half that distance. That and the area up to two inches left of my incision feels almost numb (kind of like I got a Novocain shot in my thigh). I attribute the numbness there to the surgical requirement of removing the thin layer of tissue between the tumor and my skin. (Here’s an old MRI showing how close the tumor was to the surface.) But the PA was not concerned, so I have to assume that this is all within the range of normal and expected consequences (hopefully all temporary) of this sort of surgery. But otherwise, I’m doing fine and getting around well with just one crutch.

Thanks again, everyone, for all of your care and support. I’m so glad to be able to say that this story is going to have a happy ending . . . and I owe so much to you for helping me to stay strong throughout.


Meg G said...

Oh, yay! Excellent news! :-)

perry1000 said...

Woohoo! I can't think of a family that is more deserving of good news right now!

~ Pam Perry

empy said...

Dave, what GREAT news! It is so good to hear that you don't need anymore treatment. I'm sorry that Holly has to start now, but I pray hers will be as successful as yours. Give your knee some time...these limbs do some funky things after surgery. Healing can be a much longer process than we expect, but you sound like you are off to a good start. Are you seeing a physical therapist? I don't know what I would have done without mine! She really helped with range of motion and strength.

Be well!

Misty said...

Woohooo!! We are so happy to hear this!!! Thank God!!!

Annmarie Keogh said...

Congratulations David! We've been praying for you throughout your journey, and this is the best we could have hoped for!

God Bless you and may you live a long, happy, healthy, life!

Annmarie Keogh

Bridget said...

Amazing ... Amazing ... Amazing ... You couldn't have scripted a better ending!!!

Vance said...

Praise God! We never know how these things will turn out so I am very happy yours has gone as well as it has.