Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scans all look good

Just a quick update – the preliminary results on both my CT Scan and the MRI are positive. No spread of the cancer was readily evident in the CT Scan and the MRI showed some further shrinkage of the tumor. The official report from the Radiologist should be out later this week and they'll let me know if the news is any different.

I also have a surgical date/time set up: Wednesday, March 11, at noon. According to the doc, I should be out of the hospital within 2 days and then on crutches “only as necessary for balance”. Dr. Monson also stated that they would be putting staples and drains in my leg, all of which would come out 3 weeks post op. Beyond that, he said that I was looking great and that he didn’t expect any problems with either the surgery or my recovery.

What more could I ask for?!?

UPDATE 2/18/2009 --
I got a call this morning from my doctor's office to let me know that the "official" radiology report for my CT Scan has confirmed that there was no apparent spread of the cancer. Yeah!


Diane Cross said...

Yay! Great news Dave!!


Karl said...

Great to hear!

empy said...

Good news, good news, you are rolling toward that finish line, Dave! Just keep it up! :-)

Misty said...

Great to hear!! I'll be so happy for y'all to have this behind y'all!!! (And us too!!)

AuburnBoy said...

Prayers are being answered, Dave! Great news!!!