Sunday, January 25, 2009

Half-way through radiation treatment

Well, I'm half-way through my radiation treatment at this point and should finish up with that on February 10. Other than feeling more fatigued than usual, things are going quite well. I've had no real side-effects from the radiation (other than fatigue) and I've pretty much gotten used to my week day morning commutes to Crawford Long. I'm usually in and out of there within 20 minutes. Oh, and they finally got me turned around on the table so that my head's where it should be (instead of hanging over the edge and touching the rotating radiation arm).

I'm also back to work full time now and going to the office every day. Combine all of that with having my full appetite back and life looks pretty "normal" to me at this point. So normal, in fact, that I have to remind myself from time to time that I'm far from being out of the woods here with this cancer thing. I'm just relieved that the radiation is so much easier to handle than the chemo. No comparison!

I know I've been lazy about making blog updates lately, but you can always assume that "no news is good news" if you haven't seen a post. In fact, you probably won't hear from me again until after my radiation treatment is complete. At that point, I'll be given 3 - 4 weeks of recovery time before they operate on my leg.


cdawg said...

Let's plan for a Feb 9th or 10th Thai lunch. Either TOT or the one near the office. See you soon.

Misty said...

Holly and Dave,
So happy to hear things are going so well! After all that you have been through, and the full schedule that you are keeping you are certainly allowed to be a slacker when it comes to blogging:) Take care!