Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting out of here Thursday Morning

Well, my chemo didn’t get hooked up until after 10:00pm on Monday, so I won’t be finished here until after 10:00 Wednesday. Therefore, I’m just going to end up spending an extra night here and get picked up Thursday morning. No biggie.

Last night I was hooked up with what I hope will be my last bags of chemo. To commemorate the occasion, I took the following picture from my iPhone:

Final bags of "poison" loaded up and flowing (click to enlarge)

I really do hope that all goes well with my CT scan (scheduled for the 16th) and that I am truly done with the chemo. It’s pretty darn rough going through intensive chemotherapy and I will be happier than you can imagine having this behind me. What’s next then? Radiation, Surgery (all TBA), and supposedly hair re-growth. I just can't wait to have this all behind me so that I can move on with my life, my family, and my job.


nan said...


I can't tell you how happy I am that you are almost out of the woods with the chemo part of this journey.

You're on my mind daily and I also cannot wait until this whole thing is a part of your past and you can properly focus your attention on your wife and boys and the other things that are important in your life.

Be're setting a great example for your boys of how to deal with adversity when that's what life throws at you! I'm proud of the strength you're exhibiting through this battle for your life.

empy said...

No more chemo - let it be so!!! :-) Good job, Dave. You made it through some very rough stuff.