Monday, December 1, 2008

Round #6 ("Final Round") Starts Now

Well, I'm back in Crawford Long waiting to be hooked up with my "final round" of chemo. For those visiting or calling, I'm in room 7123, which can be called direct at 404-686-7123.

When I saw Dr. Gina D’Amato earlier today, I begged her to go easier on me this time (given that I again had complications after Round #5). Much to my surprise, she complied and ended up taking off another day from this round. She said that I should count my many blessings and credited her goodwill to "the festive spirit of the Holidays".

In any case, I should be getting out of here either late Wednesday or early Thursday morning (all depending upon when the chemo starts flowing). I’m just happy to be cut some slack once again and that I can get home a bit earlier. I can only hope that this all translates to fewer problems the following week.

And now for the biggest challenge of each and every inpatient chemo round: surviving the hospital food. And I just heard the two scariest words spoken on this floor: “patient dining”. Time to call the nurse and get started on my anti-nausea drugs.


Diane Cross said...

Thinking of you brother and I'm so glad this is your last round. Glad the good Dr. is being sympathetic! Patient dining....hmmmmmm.....the word dining makes it sound like such a lovely restaurant experience!

Dave Novak said...

Yeah, they call out "Patient dining" just as they enter your room with their tray of stinky slop.

BTW -- congrats on your birthday yesterday (39 I think). Sorry I didn't call.


Diane Cross said...

Yup, 39 and holding! :) Don't even think about not calling. I should have called you! Hope somebody is bringing you some goodies to eat and really hope you are feeling well enough to eat it! Love you!!!!!