Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preliminary Test Results Look Good

CT Scan
Thankfully, I managed to choke down both bottles of Berry Smoothie flavor barium sulfate without getting sick, which was an accomplishment itself in my book. The CT Scan went very quickly (only about 20 minutes). Dr. Monson's preliminary review of the scan revealed no abnormalities, though he made it clear to wait on the radiology report for the definitive word.

Oh, and Kelly, I managed to pick up an extra bottle of the Berry Smoothie flavor just for you! Next time I'm in the office (likely sometime next week), I'll bring in it in for your lunch. Enjoy!

MRI Results
Dr. Monson stated that the tumor looked like it was shrinking as expected. Therefore, I'll definitely be getting Round #5 and Round #6 of chemo in the weeks to come. Dr. D'Amato will have more exacting shrinkage measurements for me in my appointment next week.

Radiation Surprise
Now it was my understanding that I was only to receive radiation if the chemo was not working. This apparently is not the case. Dr. Monson stated today that there is a definite plan for radiation, with the only question being before or after surgery. He will be discussing my case at the Sarcoma board meeting this Thursday night. Dr. D'Amato and other Sarcoma specialists will be in attendance and vote on the best course of action. I should know Friday what they've decided. I got the impression, however, that they would likely vote for 25 rounds (5-days a week for 5 weeks) of radiation a few weeks after Round #6 of chemo and before the surgery. Just when I thought I was almost out of the woods!

Update: bacteria cultures negative
I received a call back from D'Amato's office this evening stating that there was no growth in my bacteria cultures. Yeah! At least that should be one less thing to worry about.


empy said...

Hmm...radiation isn't exactly what one hopes for when he thinks of a surprise! It sounds like they are hitting you with everything the first time around. That is probably your best chance at ensuring you only need ONE shot of all this nastiness EVER. So, well, bring it on, right? It's not easy to swallow, but neither is the alternative. Or the smoothies! :-)

Bridget said...

What day are you coming into the office? I want to watch Kelly chug that smoothie.

CewTwo said...

Hang in there, Dave!