Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On the mend

Well, so far my time at home for Round #4 is going much better than it had for the previous round and I believe that much of the credit goes to a new anti-nausea drug I started Monday called Emend. One frequent poster on this blog suggested this helpful forum,, which discussed the topic of How do you deal with Nausea? A number of posters there mentioned Emend, so I got that worked out with my doctor and started taking it. So far, it's really made a difference.


CewTwo said...

Hang in there, Dave! Life doesn't always work out the way that we'd like for it too.

I recently ran the Chicago Marathon. I did not finish it, though. At mile 25, I made a step and then had one leg then the other cramp and lock! That was it, no finish for me! So goes life! Don't let it get you down!

I do hope that Ement will work for you!

nan said...

So glad the new drug is working for you! w00t!!

We're still missing you at work...can't wait to have you back!

But focus now on making Dave will wait...

Diane Cross said...

Dave, I'm so glad that you are feeling better this time and I'm sure not having to deal with nausea makes a huge difference! Yay! I love to hear good news!

Tim said...

Anything that helps with the nausea it A+ in my book!

You're kicking butt on this thing, Dave. Keep it up!

Bridget said...

So I'm wondering ... Who did the trials for this drug? And I'm thinking they probably used University of Tennessee students on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (post game day) mornings! If so that explains how effective it has been.

Go Dave Go ... Go Dave Go !!!