Friday, October 17, 2008

Neutrophil Update

After one blood transfusion yesterday, my hemoglobin and hematocrit counts had amazingly dropped even more (which is bad) and my neutrophil counts still have not budged (even worse). I am undergoing my second transfusion at this time though these will have no impact on my neutrophil counts whatsoever since the transfusions only supply red blood cells. There is no “transfusion” to give you more neutrophils; it’s completely up to my bone marrow to do that . . . and it had better start soon.

I’m “talking” to my bone marrow now, but I’m not so sure that it’s working. Any prayers that can offer up would be greatly appreciated.

As Holly mentioned, it looks like I won't be getting out of here until much later this weekend, if not early next week. I can only hope it will be soon as this time I am forced to eat hospital food and Holly cannot bring in any outside food (for fear of contamination). Just swell. Sounds like I’ll be drinking lots of Ensure and Boost instead.


Bridget said...

OK ... I'm going to strike up a conversation with Mr. Bone Marrow too. Hang tough bud ....

Does Ensure come in a Margarita flavor perhaps? That would be more fitting for a 'weekend' boost.

Hugs to both of you!

Ricardo said...

Hey Dave; I'm sure you'll do fine. Just be sure that Mr. Bone Marrow does his job ;)

Here in CR we're following your progress and praying for you!

nan said...

Sorry you're having to deal with this minor setback Dave. You're in our thoughts and prayers!

Hang in there....this too shall pass.

Susie Plog said...

Dave - We are praying for you at the Plog house. Sarah had a migrain yesterday and wasn't feeling well, otherwise, I would have volunteered her help. Marty and I have been fighting colds and I know you don't need our germs, but we will pray for you. We love you. Susie

Catherine said...

Hang in there, Dave! You're in my prayers! Let me know if there is anything you, Holly, and the boys need!