Sunday, October 19, 2008

I check out today . . . noonish

More good news – my white blood count (WBC) has gone up significantly since yesterday. This morning it was 3.0, compared to 0.7 yesterday morning, and 0.2 the previous morning. As to my ANC, the doctor didn’t have an exact figure, but estimated it to be near 1500 given the status of my WBC count. He is pleased with my progress.

The only lingering concern is that my bacteria cultures (drawn when I was first admitted) seem to indicate that I have some internal infection. The doctor explained to me that once my neutrophil counts dropped as dangerously low as they did earlier this week, bacteria in my body (likely E. Coli) spread from their natural habitat (my intestines) into other parts of my body. It is the job of the neutrophils to keep such bacteria under control and in their place.

To combat this infection, the doctor had me on two type of antibiotics: Cephapine and Levaquin. Further examinations of my blood and cultures showed that the bacteria was resistant to at least one of these antibiotics. The doctor’s hunch (for various reasons) is that the bacteria is resistant to Cephapine and that the Levaquin is likely working, but there is no absolute proof of that. The biggest proof, however, it that I’m doing fine at this time, largely because of my nearly normal neutrophil counts and possibly aided by the Levaquin.

To monitor this infection (or confirm it has already been cleared up), new cultures were drawn on me this morning, the results for which I should have by Tuesday (they take a while). Also, to help ensure this infection does not spread, I will be taking Levaquin at home until I know my results are clean. Hopefully this bump in the road will all be behind my on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I’ve been cleared to eat foods external to the hospital. Yeah! I can just smell those Varsity dogs now and their “mobile van” (i.e., Holly) is headed my way shortly.

Time to get packed up and ready for lunch!


Bridget said...

Hoody Hoo!!! Enjoy this gorgeous fall day. I know the ride home from the hospital will be especially sweet.

Hugs to both of you!

- Bridget

nan said...

Congrats on kicking that bone marrow into high gear and making it earn it's keep! I knew you were a good manager!

Glad you're again on the mend and heading home. Let me know when some Spicy Basil calls out to you!

empy said...

Hey Dave, for some reason my bloglines service hasn't been updating me when you post. Wow, you have been through the ringer lately! Talk about a close call. I remember the first few times that people in the ABC Survivors group had close calls like this. It sounded to me like they weren't going to make it! We've had people biting their spouses, breaking out in rashes all over, and dealing with multiple organ issues at once. It is amazing to me all of the things that the doctors can do to bring you back from death's door...and it's amazing to me that people come back so many times during treatment.

I hope that there are no repeat shows like this EVER in your life! One time is more than enough. I can't even imagine how awful you've felt with your counts being so crazy and all of the meds they've put you on. Of course, you aren't complaining very much, are ya? Just keep rolling with the punches. You're doing GREAT!

Tim said...

I believe that brings the score to Dave 3 - Weird Side Effects 0.

Well done, sir. Now go home and eat something.