Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dave's back in the hospital

Well, Dave said he jinxed himself by posting the blog yesterday about being "on the mend". He felt REALLY run down last night after dinner and by 10:00 pm, he was running a fever and had some serious chills. He woke up this morning and his fever was, I got our neighbor to come get the boys on the bus and I took Dave down to the Winship Cancer Center where Dr. D'Amato works. Unfortunately, she is out of town, so, the kind nurse escorted us to the E/R at Crawford Long. They drew labs on Dave and got his IV's turns out, his absolute neutrophil count (ANC) was 18 (critically low). The doctors want to see the numbers over 1000. After his first round of Chemo when he got the neutropenic fever, his ANC was 240 . . . and we thought that was bad.

Because Dave's numbers were so low (and his hemoglobins were also low), he got admitted to the hospital this afternoon. He is in a room now at Crawford Long, Room 7120. He needs his rest and we're hoping he'll feel better soon after the transfusion and when his white cell count comes back up.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support. Yes, this too shall pass and we'll look back on it one day understanding the journey of'll be nice to get to the end of that journey.


Susie Plog said...

Dave - We are praying for you! We love you. I hope you feel better soon. Susie

perry1000 said...

Wow...this ride seems like it is just like a roller coaster for you guys...more specifially like Space Mountain where you never know when the next dip is going to happen! Just know that after every downhill is an uphill. I hope Dave gets home soon!


Annmarie Keogh said...

Hang in there Dave... a few units of whole blood will make you feel like a new man! It was times like this that made me so grateful for all of the wonderful folks who donate blood. Where would we be without them!

I wrote that comment in my son's journal, and that sparked your wonderful sister and her friend to jump into action and have a blood drive in my son's honor. So, as you feel that blood bringing you back up out of the dark, thank your wonderful sister Deb... her efforts saved lives.

I am praying for your journey to end quickly and in complete success. Our Angels from my son's web site are praying for you too. We've added your name to our prayer list, so there are many voices holding your name up to the heavens.

God Bless You Honey,

Annmarie Keogh

Vance said...

Sorry for the slight setback. We are still praying for your complete recovery everyday.

Bridget said...

NOT FAIR! Cancer does not play nicely. But he is on the losing team at this playground!!!

Hang tough big guy ... You too Holly. That 21st Anniversary celebration will be a real blow out!