Sunday, September 21, 2008

Round #3 is Completed, the Patient is home...

Hey there, it's me (Holly) again. Dave would be updating the blog, but, due to the fact that he's fighting some really bad nausea at this time, he requested I make the update.

Well, Round #3 went by quickly (for some of us) and we're glad it's over. It looks like this may mark the half-way point with the chemo which is awesome. We're so thankful the tumor is smaller, if only the side effects weren't so harsh on Dave. It's temporary and he's going to beat this thing!

My mom and niece came and spent the first 1/2 of the week with me to help with the boys. Bryce & Kyle love having the company and it helps me out a bunch...I'm much appreciative for the help. Dave's parents and sister, Barbara, came into town on Thursday. They went to spend time with Dave at the hospital and then came up to the house to spend time with me and the boys.

Friday, Dave was READY to blow the popsicle stand. I think the worst part of Round #3 for him was boredom. On Monday when he was getting hooked up to the chemo, he was practically counting the hours until the final Mesna would be done so he could check out. Friday morning, when Barbara & I went to pick him up, he had pretty much packed up his all his things and only needed to change his shirt when his port was de-accessed. He did an awesome job walking laps (of the 7th floor), not only because it's good for him to move around, but to help pass the time. He didn't even want the wheelchair trip down to the car, nope, he walked across the street to the parking lot. He was so glad to be out of there!

Now that he's home, his main problem has been the nausea, but he's managing it with meds and having me put anything smelly in our garage fridge. Hopefully this will be short-lived and he'll perk up soon.

Well, that's all for now...


bryanballard said...

I'm so glad to hear that Rd 3 is done and that you're home, Dave! Hopefully, that nausea will pass soon and you'll be back enjoying your favorites :)

Have you and Holly in our prayers, pal.


CewTwo said...

need to do fight this good battle! I am glad that round 3 is over.

Good luck for the future!


Jenny said...

Hey guys. I came across your blog and was riveted. Read through the whole thing. My daughter Maddy took care of Bryce and Kyle oh so many years ago; they were special to her as you both were also. I passed along the link to her. She's finishing up her final semester at Emory,, and hopes to go into law school this summer. Her focus and passion appears to be health law. So....hang in there! We're pulling for you big time. And in a few years, who knows? you could have Maddy back in your corner again. If God hears prayers, he must be using earplugs right now from all the shout-outs your friends and family are hurling at him!--- Jenny