Friday, September 12, 2008

Echo Update

BTW, the tech who did my Echocardiogram yesterday indicated that all looked well according to him. I should receive official confirmation of this on Monday when I meet with Dr. D'Amato prior to checking into the hospital.


Diane Cross said...


CewTwo said...

Indeed! Yay! Congratulations!

I am a "For Whatever Reason" podcast listener. I was so happy to hear the latest news on your condition!

Chin up! With the MRI news, you can know that the treatment is making a difference. It aint easy but it is happening!

Charlie White

Nanette said...

Good news on the shrinkage! (I'll withhold the obvious joke...)

Just think after this round, you're half way there...and the best part is you're making progress against the evil tumor.

Keep your spirits up and your attitude positive. I'll be waiting for you at Taste of Thai in a couple of weeks!