Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day #3 of Round #3 and all is well!

I’m very happy to report that all is going quite smoothly thus far with Round #3. Even my appetite and nausea is in much better check than in previous rounds. I credit that at least somewhat to Holly for bringing me some of my favorite food and drinks (spicy ramen noodle soup, smoothies, Orange G2, and CranApple juice). These good foods/drinks seem to be helping me to tolerate better the Hospital food. Hey, whatever works!

Out of here Friday noon
Due to some juggling of my chemo and other drugs, it turns out that I should be getting out of here around noon on Friday. This is so much better than previously where I was released late Friday evening and as late as Saturday afternoon. This too makes me a happy camper!

Clarification on Shrinkage
Since everyone had so much fun with my shrinkage comments of the other day, I figured I should share that Dr. D’Amato explained to me in today’s daily visit that the tumor not only has shrunk but had gotten softer as well. And yes, I‘m quite happy about this new as it is all according to plan.


perry1000 said...

Hurray! You deserve to have a good week of chemo and an early release!!

Vance said...

I am glad things are working out so well. I will continue to pray for your progress. Every day we pray for your healing.

Bridget said...

What an awesome pit crew you have there Dave. Holly has found just the right 'fuel' for you to run on. So ... Lap 290 .... Green Flag still waving ... (Sound of Indy cars whizzing by played here)

- Bridget :-)

Tim said...

So now we have you in a mullet wig, doing karaoke to "Can't Touch This" in parachute pants, which you then rip off to reveal a speedo. That leads to the inevitable "shrinkage" conversation with the kids.

This is taking an ugly turn, Dave. I'm not so sure I want to attend your recovery party once you beat this thing....