Friday, September 26, 2008

Dave's back home...

Just a quick note to let you know that Dave is home from the hospital. He's feeling somewhat better, still a little tired. Personally, between you and me, he looks A LOT better...he was really "grey" looking yesterday. I'm thankful he's back home, has an appetite and a LOT more energy...even if he is tired.
More later...


Nanette said...


Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I've really been thinking about Dave a lot and wanted to hear from you or him that he was home from the hospital.

I know you have a lot going on, but it means a lot to us that you take time to keep us up to date on what is going on with him.


Bridget said...

So now that Dave has had his 'oil' changed and suffered through the downside of a winning 3rd race in the "Tour de Chemo" it is time for some 'downtime'.

Yup ... the yellow flag flew for just a few minutes but it looks like it will be a green flag once again when the 4th race starts.

Enjoy your weekend at home ... just in time for FOOTBALL Saturday.



George Chapman said...


I am glad to hear you're feeling better! I would hate to think of you without your appetite :)

On another note, I would just like to apologize for Auburn beating Tennessee this weekend. So sad...