Monday, September 15, 2008

Checked in and “ready” for another week of Chemo

Well, I’m all checked into Crawford Long Hospital for round #3, just waiting to get hooked up my chemo (no rush, please). For friends and family that wish to call me, my direct line is 404-686-7137.

About the only thing that has me at all nervous or worried this time is trying to figure out how to survive the hospital food. It’s never really that good and once you start fighting nausea, it is the last thing you want. Just take my word on it.

To help combat the evil hospital food, I was sure to stop at The Varsity just prior to seeing the doctor and getting admitted. The Varsity chili dog is really quite good and their frosted orange drink is loved even by those that say they “hate” the place.

Size does matter
Just a little update on that MRI I had last week. Dr. Monson was indeed correct that the tumor did shrink. According to Dr. D’Amato, it appears to have shrunk by about 10%. She was very impressed! I asked if my quick shrinkage would possibly get me out of rounds #5 and/or #6 and her response was “just the opposite. The tumor shrinking proves that the chemo is working well and guarantees that you’ll be seeing rounds #5 and #6.” Nice try I suppose, but I cannot ignore the chemo.

Strong Echo
As mentioned by the tech the other day, my echocardiogram “looked good”. Exactly how good I didn’t know until today. According to the cardiologist, my ejection fraction measured between 60% and 65%. Since this is well above what it was previously, Dr. D’Amato quipped that the “chemo must be helping it.”

Here’s to a quick and easy round #3!


Diane Cross said...

Amen to that Dave, a quick and easy round # 3!! Wonderful wonderful news on the shrinkage! If I was closer I'd bring you greasy Varsity dogs every day. I remember when you'd nearly eat a 6 pack of hot dogs when we were kids. Some things never change.....Maybe sweet Deb or Dan will surprise you this week with a treat. Glad you are having some company on Thurs. and Fri. In the mean time, lots of love and hugs from Kayla and I in Lexington!! :)

evilsciencechick said...

Hey Dave! I came over from Tim and Nanette's to wish you GOOD LUCK on round 3 and KICK SOME SERIOUS CANCER BUTT! I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers!

Bridget said...

Your XAVIANT posse is VERY IMPRESSED with your progress. But we expected nothing less from you! So on this 600 Lap "Tour de Chemo" you are now on lap 250 with a GREEN FLAG waving. GO DAVE GO!!

Tim said...

"There was shrinkage!"

You never thought you'd use that line about yourself and be happy about it, did you? Keep your spirits up and remember - after this round you're half way done!


Charles Cadenhead said...

Hey Dave, We're thinking about you here in Texas. We're crossing our fingers for you. :)

Nannette and Tim sent us.