Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2-Week Update

Sorry for the silence
My apologies for neglecting this blog. I had intended to update it last week, but that's when things started heading downhill for me and I lost any will/strength to post an update. From Thursday thru Saturday I was feeling pretty puny due to critically low white blood cell counts (absolute neutrophil count in particular). During that entire time my temperatrue remained in the 99 - 99.5 sort of range and I was quite concerned that it would soon cross the 100.5 boarder, which would force me to the ER (as happened during my previous round of chemotheropy). But thankfully my temperature stayed in the "safe" zone and I was doing much better come Sunday morning.

MRI Status
On Tuesday (just yesterday), I had another MRI done on my left thigh and a followup appointment with Dr. Monson. As you may recall, the goal Dr. D'Amato was trying to achieve with these first 2 rounds of chemotheropy was to simply stop the growth of the tumor (shrinkage was not a requirement). You may recall futher that between my initial MRI and the baseline MRI a month later the tumor grew by several centimenters (all dimensions included).
So what was the result with this latest MRI after 2 rounds of chemotheropy? The preliminary results from Dr. Monson indicate that tumor growth has indeed stopped and possibly may have even shrunk slightly. That's great news as it shows the chemo is working! The downside, of course, is that it means yet another two rounds of chemo for me (which really is no fun). But if it can kick the cancer, then it should all be worth it.

Echocardiogram Thursday
As a pre-requisite to my next round of chemo, Dr. D'Amato has ordered another Echocardiogram to verify that my heart is still strong enough to handle the intense chemo she so joyously likes to administer. I'll post the results of that test when I find out (which might be next Monday).

Round #3 starts Monday
Between being sickly the latter half of last week and all of the hospital trips this week combined with the visiting nurse appointments Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I feel like my time off between chemo this round has just blown by. I better plan on doing something fun this weekend and make the most of the time I have left.

Mullet not to be forgotten
Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions about the mullet. I do plan to put into action some of the suggestions that were made. But my guess is that's going to be after I get back from this next round of chemo. I'll just be bald or wearing a bandana until then.


Chuck said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling low, glad you're feeling a bit better. I'm especially glad to hear that your unwanted guest has stopped growing.

Looking ahead to when you're done with chemo and get to have this removed, I'm sure you're going to want to be comfortable afterward. Let me know if you think some hammer pants would help.

empy said...

Ugh, I am sure that when you say you've been feeling bad, you've really been feeling BAD! Those of us who haven't had chemo really can't imagine. But I feel for you. I am such a wimp about feeling sick! Hang in there! That goal of shrinking tumor is in sight - whoohooo!

Diane Cross said...

I just have to say, Chuck and
Empy, you guys are the best! Chuck, the salt lick and mullet wig that you have sent Dave are the best! I think hammer pants somewhere down the line would just complete the look. You are a great friend. Empy, thanks for all of the encouragement. The faces of sarcoma mural is a great project...therapy through art...I love it! Thanks again to you both for the friendship and encouragement you continue to show to my brother.

Tim said...

So now I'm picturing Dave, in he mullet wig, performing karaoke to "Can't Touch This".

Thanks, Chuck. Thanks a lot!