Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Update

So far, so good
Though we’re still kind of early into Round #2 of this 3-week cycle, I do seem to be doing fairly well thus far. According to Holly and Barbara, they both think I’m doing and sounding much better this time.

Losing hair quickly now
I ended up shedding so much hair on my pillow at the hospital that I actually called in the resident barber to shave the remaining stubs on my head. And just between us, it was a little scary as the electric clippers she used were so darn loud. I kid you not. In fact at one time I even quipped if she had any ear plugs (since my ears were ringing). But I survived without a nick, which is all I really cared about. I’m actually starting to like the bald look.

Choices . . . always choices
So I’m here at home Saturday morning when low and behold the mailman drops off a package at our door and rings the doorbell. Funny thing, I don’t remember ordering anything. Even more of a surprise, the package is for me! What could it be?!? In eager anticipation, I open the package to find . . . replacement hair. Now how’s that for timing? I just got buzzed on Friday, started coming to terms with my baldness, and now this! But rather than figure out on Saturday exactly when and where to try out my graciously supplied wig, I decided to take a Phenegrin and sleep most of the afternoon. Chuck LeDuc -- I owe you . . . once again!

Sunday Morning -- Neulasta shot
If you recall, the Neulasta shot stimulates the production of white blood cells. But this time, I had this $3600 shot done at the infusion center at Emory Winship Cancer Institute rather than purchasing the shot through the local pharmacy. It turns out that in/out patient co-pays are almost always less than the pharmacy co-pay. That’s something to keep in mind going forward.

The Mullet revealed!
After gaining some strength from the Chinese food I had at lunch, I decided now was as good a time as any to try out the new wig. So I put on a nice shirt and gave it a go. The result? Well, I realize it was the popular pick and all, but I wasn’t so sure that I really pulling it off as obviously others had hoped. I just wasn’t getting that achy breaky feeling when looking in the mirror. Holly’s reaction was equally mixed, though (as usual) more positive than mine. She figured I should walk down to the basement (during the boys “media time”) just to see if they notice. Of course Bryce realized it right away (his comments later), but Kyle spoke with me for about a minute without ever looking up to realize my “new look”. He then screamed!

The family has spoken . . . the people have spoken . . . a compromise revealed
Though Holly is still teetering on whether she likes this new look or not, for the boys this is definitely a no go. In fact, Bryce (in all his wisdom) stated “that kind of makes you look stupid and not handsome. I like you better bald.” And, of course, Kyle’s scream spoke volumes. So what am I left with? I suppose now I can wear this when just Holly and I go out. That should work. Also what works is meeting friends for lunch while wearing the wig. But for the house, I’ll probably have to stick with just being bald. Call it a compromise. BTW -- Thai food sounds good . . . any takers?!? I'll wear the wig . . . but only if you pay! :)

Model looks? Perhaps not.
The distant stare


Chuck said...

That's awesome, I think the mullet is a look that could work for you. A word of warning: you have to wear it or it'll wear you. And don't let a few screams from the fainthearted dissuade you.

Glad to hear this round went a little easier on you.

empy said...

Hey Dave, way to keep that sense of humor and knock out another round! :-)

Tim said...

Mark Gastineau would be proud of that hair, my friend. Perhaps you can go out in public and try to convince people that you're a former hockey player or pro wrestler!

Nanette said...

Lookin' Good!

The Thai food is on me when you're up for it! Just let me know what day is good for you.

Glad you're feeling OK so far. Keep eating so you can keep your strength up.

Deborah Jagoe said...

Wow Dave!! Loving the new do! Jonathan said, "The 80's called and wants its hair back." I like it because it's all business in the front and party in the back!! Rock on Dave!!

The Jagoe Family

Karl said...

Glad you're doing well. The wig is just stunning ;-)

I'd come for Thai too, just let me know.

bryanballard said...

Heya pal.
Glad to hear you are feeling/doing well. That is great news!

With regard to Thai, I am definitely IN and you MUST rock the mullett :)

Just let me know when and I am there.


Chuck said...

See, the nice shirt is where you went wrong. When accessorizing the mullet, you have to go for bad. Nylon running shorts and a stained Coors shirt? Good. Parachute pants and a ripped Bullwinkle shirt? Better. Hammer pants and a threadbare John Deere shirt? Best.

I know you were dead-set on the bandanna, but you can have it both ways: a bandanna and a mullet go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Ed Holbrook said...

Hi Dave:
The mullet look is not for you Dave. Maybe Burt Reynolds could lend you one of his! His are really good lookin. Actually for now maybe you just stay with the Jesse Ventura look. You remain in my thoughts and prayers