Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey – What’s happening?!?

No news is good news?
Well, I had 2 MRIs yesterday, one on my right axilla and another on my left thigh (the latter will serve as a baseline for my upcoming chemo treatments). As these were full MRIs with contrast, the two took over 2 1/2 hours to complete, which is a long time to be told “don’t move”. The right axilla was identified as a potential point of interest in my CT scan two weeks ago and the MRI is intended to rule out any metastasis. Though something is definitely visible in the scans, Dr. D’Amato last week seemed to think that it was likely just another Lipoma. But we won’t know for sure until Monday when I get the Radiology report.

Make it a Double!
This morning I went in for my port placement, which went well though is a little sore. The surgery itself took about 1 1/2 hours with more than an hour of prep time and blood work prior to the operation. It was certainly a bigger deal that I had expected. The port itself will definitely take some getting used to. This particular port device is a double port (similar to the one circled on the left), which is required in order to feed two different types of Chemotherapy drugs (as they cannot be mixed). The double port is located on my right chest with catheter extending up to my neck. The surgery was performed by Dr. Best (what a name) and a resident Dr., both of whom were great.

I also had a MUGA scan this afternoon. Quite ironically, they are not able to use the new port system as the particular medicines they inject “must go directly into a vein”. Therefore, I had to get stuck another two times for this procedure (ouch). Believe me, I’ve had enough needles to last me a while now.

Make me look like pastor Buddy
Tomorrow I go in for my big haircut, followed by a day of rest on Sunday, followed by industrial strength chemo starting on Monday.

Thank you so much for your continued words of encouragement and support. It means so much to me and my family.


Lynn Akers said...

Gwyn and I are hoping and praying for good news from Radiology on Monday. Holly can be glad that this time she gets the results before me!

I've already proven to be an inadequate backup after only two days, so everyone at the office is definitely hoping for your speedy recovery. You are definitely missed!

Thanks for taking the time to keep us up-to-date through your wonderful blog. It is so nice to be able to get the latest status without feeling like we are intruding.

You, Holly, and the boys are constantly in our thoughts.

P.S. Any news about Kelly? I hear he is an interesting fellow.

Chuck said...

Two different ports, because the drugs cannot be mixed? That sounds awesome, though I'm sure it's not quite as cool as it sounds. Glad to hear the port went well, and it sounds like you're getting good care. Take care, we're thinking of you daily.

p.s. enjoy the haircut. I greatly prefer the zero-maintenance 'do myself.

Dave Novak said...

Great to hear from you guys. You both are too funny!

My hair is on "death row" right now with only 4 more hours to live. But don't expect a post of a bald Dave any time real soon. I've got a sister who's going to get me some biker-style "doo rags" as a cover-up. I'll probably post a picture with that later.

Also, the marketing experts who push the chemo seem to indicate that my hair may resurrect and be thicker, curly, and possibly a different color once treatment stops. It could be a blessing in disguise, but sounds like marketing hype to me. :)

Great hearing from you guys!


Nanette said...


You'd be surprised how many women are into bald men. Don't be ashamed of the dome! Embrace it.

You're in our thoughts and prayers and we do miss you at work.

Thanks again for the blogging. If you don't have the strength to post after treatments, please talk Holly into giving us some periodic updates so we know what's going on!

Good luck and take care!


George Chapman said...

Lynn is totally right...I can't seem to get him to stop hocking his lobster wares in the office...

Your presence is already sorely missed. When you are feeling better, I will take you out for Thai (that's right - I said *I* will go to have Thai).

Good luck Dave - you're in our thoughts and prayers!

Bridget said...

"Doo rags" huh ... I like it! Can't wait to see those pics.

And yes .. you are truly missed at work 'already'.

Lynn Akers said...

Those marketing experts sold me -- I'm already plotting to "reschedule" Dave's first chemo appointment so I can show up in his place.