Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dave is coming home tomorrow! (Sunday, 8/10/08)

Hey there, this is Holly. Yes, it's my first time blogging, but since Dave isn't really up to doing this right now, I have permission to do an update and have been instructed by Dave that I need to!

So, since you last heard from Dave, we've noticed that he has definitely become more tired, has had moderate nausea and is hanging in there like a champ. He finished up his chemo early this morning (Saturday) and has been receiving his last infusion of Mesna for a total of 24 hours. His appetite has definitely gone away (can you believe it?)...kind of an oxymoron with the Dave we know, but that's o.k. 'Whatever it takes' is my motto these days...He did manage to drink a Frosted Orange from the Varsity...but he didn't want a chili dog this time...for the best I say!

Dave's parents have been in town since Wednesday (staying with his sister, Deborah, in Cumming)...his sister, Diane was with me and the kids through Thursday. I loved having her here, the boys adored her. It was nice spending time with her and Dave enjoyed her being in town also.

Dave's youngest sister, Barbara (the oncology nurse from Knoxville), arrived in town this morning. She and I went to spend the day with Dave...he was pretty tired when we got there, so after a short visit, we left so he could get a good nap. When we got back though he wasn't resting on his laurels....nope, Nurse Barbara made sure he got up and went for a nice walk around the 7th floor...5 laps...he made it though and he seemed to perk up a bit. He got cleaned up, went for another short walk and then was ready to hit the hay. He looked much better when we left then when we arrived so we felt like we accomplished something good today!

The house is clean and we're ready to pick up the patient in the morning. Dave will be receiving Home Health Nurse visits 3 times each week (for the next 2 weeks) and then he should be going in for round #2 on or around August 25th.

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, prayers and positive uplifting thoughts and comments during this journey in our lives. Without our family, friends and neighbors, it wouldn't be bearable. (I had to get my 2 cents in finally!) :-)

More later!



Chuck said...

Thanks for the update, Holly. It is strange to hear the words "not hungry" attributed to the man who I once heard say to a waiter "I want a lot of food." And thank goodness Nurse Barbara was there to whip him into shape. Hang in there, Dave!

empy said...

Hi Holly. It's nice to hear from you, though we don't know each other. I was the sarcoma patient, and since then I've come to know a lot of patients and their family members. I realize now that the journey is just as difficult for our loved ones as it is for us. I would never have believed it at the time, because boy there was some physical pain! But I just wanted you to know that it's hard on BOTH sides, so if you ever feel like YOU need a little extra support - chances are that you do! It's tough to watch someone you love go through this, but you can do it! Keep it up!

Bridget said...

Holly ... thank you for the update.

So Dave ... doin' laps already ... Awesome !!! Sure miss knowing you are just an IM away when we need you at the big 'X'.

Keep it up ...

Becky Norris said...


Hi Dave and Holly,

As Dave may remember, I worked with him for many years at Peachtree as a tech writer. I wanted to let you know my strongest well wishes and thoughts are sent your way.



Lynn Akers said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Holly! I'm sure Dave will start feeling better once you get him home -- and no doubt he will soon be regretting that there is no Varsity located next to the house!

Gwyn Akers said...

Thanks, Holly! Great to hear that Dave is leaving the hospital--I'm sure he'll be a lot more comfortable at home. Hope you guys have a restful and recuperative week--and hope the first week of the school year goes well for the boys!!! Sending hugs and warm wishes your way....=)