Monday, August 4, 2008

Countdown to Chemo

Well, about an hour ago (about 5:15 PM EST), the nurse started a hydration IV in preparation for the upcoming chemo. This IV will last 4 hours, and then it’s Chemo time! So, assuming they stay on schedule, my first of four 12-hour infusions will begin tonight around 9:15 PM EST.

I’m on my third hospital meal here too (one while getting admitted [lunch], one [unexpected] right after getting settled in my room [late lunch], and then a somewhat early dinner cam about an hour ago), so I’m really hoping that I’m not going to feel any nausea! I’ll have to forewarn the nurse about my weak stomach before she lets that get going too far.

Wish me luck folks – I will need it!


Gwyn Akers said...

Luck, luck, luck, MAJOR GOOD LUCK!!!! We're behind you all the way!!!!!!!
Gwyn & Lynn

Djames said...

I fed your family our favorite shredded pork recipe--Carnitas--with all the trimmings. Told Holly to bring some to you for lunch tomorrow if you're up for it. Prayers and loving thoughts!

Dianne et al.

Susie Plog said...

We're praying for you Dave. We love you and have all our friends praying for you, too. Clare, our new resident, who is a miracle herself and major prayer warrior is praying for you and has all her friends praying for you, too. I think you will be covered with prayer. Susie

Deborah Jagoe said...

Love you baby brother and been thinking about you all night. You are so brave and I know you will get past all of this the same way you've gotten over past hurdles! Love ya! Deb