Monday, August 25, 2008

Chemo -- Round #2

Admitted for Round #2
Well, I’m in the hospital now (just got my room about 2 hours ago), awaiting round #2 of my chemo treatment. Given the rather late start in the day and the required 4 full days of infusion followed by 24 hours of Mesna, it looks as though I probably won’t be getting out of here until later Saturday night. Hopefully they’ll get the chemo going within the next hour or two so that I can in fact come home Saturday night.

Phone Number
For friends and family members who want to contact me during this time, I’ll be in room 7128. The direct phone number to my room is 404-686-7128.

I feel Good!
As stated in my last post, I really feel great at this time. And I was already told my labs this morning were “awesome”.

Goal for Round #2
I meet with Dr. D’Amato this morning (along with two other doctors), who reminded me that the goal of the first two rounds of chemo is not to shrink the tumor but instead to stop the growth of the tumor. That seemed like the appropriate time to ask her about what observed growth they noticed between my original MRI (at the end of June) and the more recent baseline MRI (at the end of July). Turns out that within that relatively short period of time, the tumor indeed grew by a few centimeters in combined length, width, and depth measurements. My next MRI will be September 9. It is hoped that there will be no observed growth between my baseline MRI and this next one.

Finally losing my hair
OK, it’s not like I really was looking forward to this, but we all knew it was coming. My already short hair (from the preemptive strike just over 3 weeks ago) is now coming out in small patches. Oh well, no big loss. And I’m still holding out hope for “thicker, curly hair” after it starts growing back.


Nanette said...

I can donate some of my thick curls when you're ready. Ask the doc if she does transplants for her post-chemo patients. I'll grow it out for you!

perry1000 said...

Dave...I've known several people who's post-chemo hair has been an entirely different texture AND color. Start dreaming now of what you want...sometimes dreams do come true!! Good luck this week!

Bridget said...

POWER UP and Ring the Bell for Round #2!! Good thoughts coming your way.

bryanballard said...

I'd donate hair, but you know I'm running pretty lean in that department myself :)

You know your fan club is right here with you. KEEP IT UP, PAL!!!!

Chuck said...

Hope this round goes well. I can't wait to see your sassy red curls bouncing around your ears like a Prell commercial.

danchessari said...

Hope round 2 goes well mate. You have people here in Australia praying for you.

All the best mate.