Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Busy, busy, day (with family, friends, and new chemo)

Visitors from Outer Hospital
Had a number of visitors today, starting with brother-in-law Captain Dan Jagoe, who today was dressed in full uniform. Then, just after noon, Holly and the boys came down with my sister Diane (from Lexington, KY). Diane is helping out quite a bit around the house this week while I’m away. Then my friend and colleague Lynn Akers dropped by and paid me a visit, leaving just as Dr. D'Amato showed up this evening making her rounds.

Here are a few pictures (with apologies in advance for camera shake [the camera man in the family is laid up at this time]):

Kyle, me, Bryce

Me and Holly

Me, my sister Diane

Me, my sister Diane

Hooked up with the “red juice”
Well, I am now officially running with both types of chemo: the red one called Doxorubicin (a.k.a., Adriamycin) and the one I was on yesterday Ifosfamide. This is definitely going to make for a challenging night I suspect. At the first sign of any nausea, I’m calling my nurse and asking for Ativan, which she said she can give me every 6 hours as necessary. But I really hope I won’t need it and that I can look forward to a nice breakfast in the morning.

If I ever get out of here . . . if I ever get out of here
Given that it’s Tuesday (day 2) and I have 3 more full days of chemo planned (call them day 2, 3, and 4 as Monday was day 1), I’ll be getting chemo through Friday evening. As to when I get out, that part is more complicated. And as I was told by my nurse this evening that I have 24 hours of Mesna (not to be confused with that smart people’s group Mensa) following the chemo (call that day 5, ending Saturday evening). Theoretically, I’ll be leaving the hospital later that night. But then I have to come back the next day for some special shot (forget the name) to help boost my immune levels. Wow, that’s pretty much a full week then. This cycle will repeat every 3 weeks for 6 cycles preceding my surgery (so I’ll be back in the hospital next on August 25 for my next cycle).


Bridget said...

I promise not to tell Kelly that Lynn (his pookie) visited you yesterday. It could upset his delicate balance you know.

Hoping the appetite holds out.

Thumbs up day 2!

Chuck said...

Hope you're feeling okay. It sounds like you had quite a day yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave! I am a friend of Tim's and just wanted to wish you all the best in your fight against this little liposarcoma bugger. Oh yeah, and hair is overrated.

Good luck, mang!!


Lynn Akers said...

I hope you got some rest last night despite the Adriamycin. We need to get your appetite back for another round of Tres Leches cake.

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