Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to Crawford Long we go...

Yes, Dave is back in the hospital. He was really, really tired and not hungry at all the past few days. Last night (Friday), he started running a fever. This time it went over 100 and then when we spoke with the on-call doctor, it was up to 101.4. She advised us to go to the ER immediately so they could draw blood, do a chest xray, etc. So, at 12:30 am, I drove Dave down to Crawford Long's ER.

Ugh...that's all I can say. They got Dave in at about 1:45 AM or so to draw labs...seems like it took forever to get the results. Finally, around 7:30 AM, they told us his white cells were very low (which is very typical after chemo) which makes him more susceptible to infection.

He was admitted and is in room 7135..(404) 686-7135. He's receiving IV Antibiotics and they'll keep him in the hospital until his white cell count gets to a safer level and the doctor feels he is ready to return home. I saw Dr. D'Amato there at the hospital (fortunately she is on this weekend so she'll be overseeing Dave's case)..and she said that there's a chance he'll be back in on Aug. 25th for his next round of chemo. We'll keep you posted about that.

All I can say is please pray for Dave right now, that he'll feel better soon, he was really, really feeling yucky (for no better terms) these past few days.
Thanks again for being there, we appreciate you all very much!


Meg G said...

So sorry to hear he's feeling yucky.

Love and prayers,

empy said...

Ugh! I'm glad they're watching out for him and can only imagine how ICK he feels. Just keep remembering it's temporary, it's temporary!

Linda said...

Hi Dave and Holly,

We are praying for you, Dave. I know we haven't met and I haven't seen Holly in a very long time...but the prayers work just the same! :-)

Feel better,
The Mosquera's

Chuck said...

Yikes, that's a high temperature. Dave, I hope you're feeling better already. I put a call in to the boss for some white blood cells (Stat!). Hang in there, Holly!

lynnhobbit said...

Hi Dave and Holly,

Are they giving neupogen to boost the immune system? I suppose they are. It is great stuff. I know they give it to chemo patients. I've had it myself.

All best wishes for feeling better soon. - Becky