Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you Friends, Neighbors, and Family

I just wanted to thank everyone for their recent words of encouragement. Though I may not be able to reply to your posts, I assure you that I do read each and every one of these. Your support means so very much to me at this time.

Family in town this past weekend
The Novak clan rolled into town this past Thursday and Friday and we had a great weekend together. My sister Barbara, husband Tom, and their kids came down from Knoxville, TN. Together with my sister Deborah (from Cumming, GA), they managed to drive my parents down from Knoxville too. We all got together Saturday for a really nice BBQ dinner at my house. The 4 older nephews, my oldest son, and I also had a great time playing Xbox 360 games that afternoon. Thanks for the fun guys and sorry for any accidental team kills. :)

Here are some pictures from Saturday (click to enlarge):

Holly, me, mom

Barbara and me

Barbara, me, Holly, Deborah
On Sunday, we had an outstanding lunch at Deborah’s place (with husband Dan serving as grill chef). Making that visit even more special was the surprise arrival of my older sister Diane (from Lexington, KY) and her daughter Kayla. That’s one heck of a drive to make and I really enjoyed seeing them (we all missed them on Saturday).

Here are some pictures from Sunday (click to enlarge):
Deborah, mom, me, Barbara, Diane, dad
Deborah, Kayla, me, Barbara, Diane
Dad and me
Holly, me, Barbara


Diane Cross said...

What a good looking family! Especially your sisters!

Gwyn Akers said...

I agree with Diane's assessment--what a nice-looking crew! (Wow--you look like your Mom!)Hope the 'green egg' got a good work-out...and that everyone made it back home safely to TN.
The blog is great--thanks for taking the time to do the entries. It allows me to feel up-to-date on the info and I'm guessing it helps keep you guys from having to repeat the same data to friends/family over and over.
As always, call us anytime! (especially if A Taste of Thai is required....) =)

Gumbeaux Gal said...

Hello Dave and family, just happened along your blog after listening to For Whatever Reason. I just want to let you know that I am pulling for you and your lovely family to get through this. I appreciate your blogging to help others in the same situation understand what is happening. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.