Monday, July 7, 2008

I know a guy who knows a guy

Playing the waiting game is never fun, especially when you think you might have a life-threatening disease. It’s Friday, the 4th of July, and I still have no appointment to see the specialist I need to see and all such offices are closed until Monday.

So, Monday morning, 10:00am rolls around and I still have not heard anything so I call. The next appointment that I’m able to get with this doctor is on Tuesday, July 15 (exactly 2 weeks after my initial MRI results). I’m also told that it takes from “1 to 3 weeks to get the results of the biopsy” (which I hoped was a high estimate). In any case, I was able to get scheduled for Friday the 11th by going with Dr. Monson’s partner. That was fine by me as it got me in 2 days (plus the weekend) earlier.

But just a second here – I may have an Ace up my sleeve to play. You see, it turns out that my next door neighbor (a Psychiatrist) had worked at Emory for 10 years and still knows a number of people down there. Without revealing all of the secrets here, let’s just say that the medical community is a tight knit group and special requests amongst doctors seem to be given priority. This worked out well for me as I received a call “out of the blue” from Dr. Monson’s administrative assistant later that week who got me scheduled for my biopsy with Dr. Monson on Thursday, July 10.

I’m sure glad to have friends and neighbors like I have.

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